L’espace d’Al-Mansaf Al-Bay est prêt à accueillir les vendeurs


Sami El Wassif, the Deputy Director of Markets and Economic Affairs at the Tunis Municipality, stated in an interview on the program « Sabah Al-Nas » on Friday, November 24, 2023, that the market designated for vendors who were previously operating chaotically in the streets of the capital in the Moncef Bey area is now ready. Currently, the submitted demands are being reviewed by a special committee to audit these demands at the level of the Bab Bhar district.


The new space accommodates 538 sales points, with each point measuring six square meters, and it has also been equipped with sanitary facilities.


The committee is reviewing the lists of demands submitted, which amount to 3,400 requests, and investigations are being carried out in coordination with several participating entities, including social affairs, security authorities, tax administration, and others.


El Wassif pointed out that the list of individuals who have submitted demands to operate in this space includes many employees in the public and private sectors, in addition to property owners and others who are not involved in operating in this market.


He confirmed that the auditing and investigation processes for these demands aim to ensure that only vendors who genuinely need commercial opportunities are granted, especially those who have been operating in the streets of the capital for a long time.


In addition to the Moncef Bey space, El Wassif confirmed that Minister of Interior, Moncef Al-Faqih, has ordered the establishment of other spaces to accommodate a number of other vendors.


He added that an agreement has been reached to create a space in Bab El Jazira that will accommodate between 70 and 90 sales points for vegetable vendors, and another space in Sidi El Bechir that will house 140 sales points for vendors operating in the Nahj Al Jazira and Rue de France.


El Wassif explained that the municipality is working to ensure that both spaces are ready as soon as possible.


The Ministry of Interior has organized a campaign to remove chaotic street vending in the city center, which was obstructing traffic and pedestrian movement, in addition to causing visual and noise pollution in major streets of Tunis.